X series

For the Story Tellers

vivo’s flagship X series offers professional imaging experiences designed to help you bring your imagination to life even in the most extreme scenarios. Equipped with industry-leading features that bring superior performance, augmented with unique innovations, it is the perfect tool for your uninhibited exploration.

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V series

For the Kindred Spirits

The V series devices continue vivo’s tradition of revolutionising phone camera technology. Enhanced by aesthetically pleasing design, they seamlessly integrate intentionality and ingenuity. The series is crafted for those who find joy in connecting with the ones they love by capturing everyday delightful moments.

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Y series

For the Expressionists 

Designed for those who find joy in expressing themselves, explore their passions in style and being at their A-game, each day. Whether it’s a trendy design, unique camera features, or a seamless user experience, the Y Series devices pack it all.

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Series T

For the Hustlers 

Designed to meet the needs of Gen Z users, vivo’s series T offers a holistic smartphone experience that encompasses performance, user experience, and style. Curated with dynamic features, series T brings joy to those who thrive in the hustle culture.

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Slimmest device The world’s thinnest smartphone at a thickness of just 4.75mm, X5 Max was a feather-light device.