May 10, 2023

X90 Series : Unlock your Creativity with the ZEISS Co-engineered Camera System

With the vivo X90 Pro by your side, the night sky becomes your canvas, waiting to be explored. The X90 Pro with its ZEISS 1-inch main camera paired with vivo exclusive Professional Imaging & Display chip, the Pro Imaging Chip V2 makes the smartphone a pro at gathering light, enhancing every shot with clarity, purity, and superiority so that even in the darkest nights, you can weave good stories and capture the magic of the world around you with ease. From twinkling stars to flickering fireflies and the moon’s gentle glow, the vivo X90 Pro is the perfect tool for capturing every essence of the night.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. The X90 series broadens the horizons by delivering a premium level of performance and features. ZEISS landscape and architecture mode works by selectively blurring certain areas of the photo, while keeping other parts in sharp focus. This creates a shallow depth of field, which makes objects in the distance appear out of focus and smaller, much like a miniature model. With Zeiss Miniature Effect, you can add a touch of enchantment to even the most ordinary of scenes. The ZEISS APC mode adjusts and corrects a certain degree of slants in a landscape shot. The advanced technology ensures that every photo is perfectly lit, with just the right amount of saturation and contrast.

As a storyteller, your photos can speak a thousand words, with X90 you can take your photography game to the next level and tell a different story with every shot. So go ahead, explore your surroundings, capture the beauty in the ordinary, and let your creativity soar.