Brace yourself for a smartphone that integrates cutting-edge technology with a touch of human artistry – presenting the Y200 5G.

Ring King’s Charm:

Experience a new dimension of lighting now in vivo Y series with the Smart Aura light. Say goodbye to harsh shadows and dark spots as it evenly bathes you in a flattering glow. What’s more? It’s smart enough to adapt to ambient lighting, ensuring you blend effortlessly with your surroundings.

Portrait-Scenes That Wow:

Meet your very own personal lighting designer – the aura light that enhances your radiance even in low-light or unfavourable lighting. With adjustable colour temperature levels, you can set any mood you desire. Say farewell to dull, unevenly lit faces and step into the limelight with confidence.

Bokeh Flare Magic:

Turn ordinary backgrounds into a dreamy canvas with the Rear Portrait mode. Customise the Bokeh level to make yourself the focal point. Whether it’s twinkling city lights or a starlit evening, this feature ensures you are the star of your photo.

Indian Wedding Style at Your Fingertips:

Elevate your wedding portraits with three exclusive LUTs inspired by the colours of Indian wedding. These tailored colour grading styles guarantee breathtaking photos that are social media-ready with just a tap. Introducing the enchanting Dreamy Blur effect for a unique, atmospheric touch.

Steady Shots, Crystal Clear Details:

Bid farewell to blurry shots with the upgraded OIS module. Its precise structure minimises shakes, ensuring crisp images even in low light. Revel in the newfound clarity of details in darker areas, and capture more light for a vivid visual experience.

Ready to experience the perfect blend of art and technology? Dive into the world of Y200 5G today!