Have we figured out how to find joy yet?

For most parts of our life, we are in some shape or form, looking for that elusive little emotion, ‘JOY’.

Where do we find it? And how?

In this fast paced world, where joy is often associated with grand gestures or monumental events, vivo took a step to reconstruct the quest for joy. vivo India recently launched their brand purpose film, revealing the purpose that drives the brand:

“Live the Joy.”

Through their latest brand purpose film, vivo elucidates its purpose and seeks to inspire consumers to find joy in connecting with loved ones. They want to enable people to express their love for one another through simplified technology and experiences.

To gain deeper insight into the brand philosophy and the insight behind the brand purpose film, Sumit Kakkar from vivo India’s Brand Strategy team sheds light on the values, aspirations, and driving force that fuels the brand.

Q. We understand that every brand has a purpose. What is vivo’s core purpose that drives it? If you were to explain it in just one line, what would that be?

As a brand, one of our core values is ‘simplicity.’ So, I’ll keep this answer simple by saying:

“Create a world of joy by connecting people through simplified technology and experiences.”

Q. Could you elaborate on this purpose and what it means for consumers?

Let me break it down into three parts.

First, there is the ultimate value, which is the end result of what vivo does ‘Joy’, that is the end state emotion or feeling that we want consumers to experience.

The second part is the instrumental value, the path to this end result. We have identified that connections and expression are crucial to finding joy. We focus on that and help people express their emotions, which brings them even closer and allows them to live the Joy.

Finally, the last part is the RTB (Reason to Believe), which outlines what we do and how it helps fulfil this purpose. We create technology, which is not only superior but also simple and intuitive enough to help people find Joy through its use.

“Whether it’s sharing the captivating smile of your child with your parents living thousands of miles away or connecting with your significant other, cherishing precious memories, technology should facilitate these experiences of Joy.”

Sumit Kakkar, Brand Strategy, vivo India

Q. Why Joy? What is the inspiration behind this purpose?

About 4 years ago, we embarked on a journey to codify our brand purpose. We identified the values inherent to vivo Benfen, which explains how we always strive to do the right things and do them right.

While success, wealth, and recognition seem much more attainable than ever before, we observed that the depth of relationships was suffering in an increasingly connected world. Despite India status as the fastest-growing economy among developing countries, levels of happiness remained low. Highlighted by the UN Happiness Report, India ranked 126 out of 136 nations, considering various parameters such as the happiness gap, level of misery, and social support.

All these factors and the general understanding of our consumers further reinforced our belief in our purpose – “Create a world of joy by connecting people through simplified technology and experiences.”

Q. What are the larger implications of this on the brand? In terms of the kind of communication and the consumers that you want to speak to?

Most brands today, especially the ones in the tech ecosystem, are increasingly focused on communication denoting their technology-forward, innovation-first edge enhancing individual excellence. vivo has a unique approach. We focus on why we develop the technology that we do.

At vivo, we firmly believe that our consumers are emotionally oriented. These individuals prioritise how well their memories can be captured over the number of megapixels in the camera, and value interactive experiences over minuscule differences in technical specifications of processor, RAM, or ROM.Our approach resonates with those who seek an overall experience rather than just focusing on cold technical details.

Q. What sets vivo’s Joy and connections apart from other brands that also discuss Joy?

Joy is a universal value pursued by everyone, but the nature of joy varies. You may be familiar with brands that emphasise joy, focusing on momentary pleasure. However, the joy we refer to is different.

Recently, we came across a fascinating 84 year long study by the Harvard Gazette. It revealed that, besides basic physical health, healthy connections are the most significant determinants of true happiness. All material possessions that we often sacrifice these connections for, beyond meeting essential needs, become independent variables. Even in the highest achievements, such as becoming a CEO or winning a Nobel prize, the source of happiness lies more in meaningful changes that positively impact people’s lives.

“For vivo, joy revolves around the meaningful connections we have with those closest to us.”

Q. How does this purpose percolate through the organisation instead of being confined to mere words on paper?

As a technology brand, we believe we are responsible to the broader public to stay committed to this purpose. There are two ways through which we embody this purpose:

Firstly, action guides every decision we make from designing our products to the type of communication we choose. Each choice aligns with our purpose, whether it s offering group portraits to capture the perfect family wedding or to cherish serene moments with your newborn for years. Our purpose is the driving force behind these decisions.

Secondly, we promote awareness by communicating our philosophy and encouraging the world to experience the joy we seek to deliver. Let’s take, for instance, our “Switch Off campaigns” . They advocate for maintaining healthy relationships with smartphones to foster stronger connections with loved ones. Likewise, our “Diwali campaign” celebrates the joy of celebrating with your nearest and dearest. This is the essence of what we do here at vivo.

Every action undertaken by vivo emanates from a deep rooted ‘Why’ – the core of our purpose.

vivo believes in guiding people towards the joy of connections, using simplified technology as the guiding compass.