Did you know that despite the increasing enrolment of women in STEM education in India, there exists a significant gap in their representation in the workforce? Shockingly, 86% of Indian women face various obstacles hindering their pursuit of careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).*

At vivo, we believe that education is one of the key pillars of economic development and we recognize that there is a dire need to bridge the gender gap in STEM education. Thus, in alignment with our commitment to contribute to India’s growth story, we initiated the Women in STEM program in collaboration with the Shooting Stars Foundation in 2023. The initiative aims to support education of deserving women in STEM fields, equip them with essential skills, and facilitate their access to job opportunities.

To date, we are proud to have supported 150 women from diverse regions across India. Each beneficiary has received scholarships of up to ₹ 60,000, empowering them to pursue and continue their STEM education. Through this initiative, we will enable these women to realize their aspirations, have successful careers and contribute meaningfully to India’s journey of progress.

Let’s discover more about the journey of some of the women who have benefitted from our ‘Women in STEM’ initiative.

This journey is not just about personal achievement for these women; it’s about catalysing a societal shift towards inclusivity in STEM fields. It isn’t just about climbing the corporate ladder; it’s about uplifting an entire generation of women, breaking down gender stereotypes, and forging a more equitable future.

*Source: Forbes India 2021 article on Women in STEM education