Foldable phones have been the buzz in the smartphone world for a while, promising innovative designs and enhanced functionality. However, durability has emerged as a critical concern for users seeking longevity and reliability in their devices.

The all-new vivo X Fold3 Pro addresses these concerns by revolutionizing the hinge technology and utilizing an aerospace-grade body giving you a truly durable foldable phone.

For the past decade, our commitment to excellence has resulted in a range of products that exceed user expectations while driving the development of numerous cutting-edge technologies in the industry. With the X series, vivo has consistently created surprises. The latest addition X Fold3 Pro is no different. We have made significant strides to ensure the robustness of the smartphone without compromising on design, quality, functionality and user experience.

Read more to deep dive into what makes the X Fold3 Pro durable and the best fold ever:

1. Carbon Fiber Hinge: The Game-Changer

The hinge is the critical component of any foldable device, and vivo has made significant strides in enhancing its durability.

The vivo X Fold3 Pro has cracked the code with its innovative hinge technology, designed to withstand the rigorous demands of daily use, ensuring smooth and consistent folding and unfolding experience. Let’s dive into what makes it so special and how it has completely revolutionized the hinge for foldable phones. 

vivo has introduced a ground-breaking feature in its hinge design: industry – first carbon fiber keel. This keel acts as the skeleton of the hinge and is 72% lighter than the metal ones, making the hinge weigh only 14.98 grams. This not only makes the phone lighter but also easier to handle.

 The carbon fibre hinge used in vivo X Fold3 Pro makes it extremely lightweight, and exceptionally durable.

Why Carbon Fiber?

  • Super Light: Carbon fiber is much lighter than titanium and aluminium, making vivo Fold3Pro hinge the lightest in the industry.
  • Incredibly Strong: Despite its lightweight, carbon fiber is extremely strong with a Specific Stiffness of 60 compared to Titanium’s 23.6 and Aluminum base liquid metal 14.7. This ensures the vivo X Fold3 Pro hinge can endure more than 100 folds daily, lasting over 12 years, tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland.
  • Eco-Friendly: Making carbon fiber parts uses less energy compared to metal parts, making it better for the environment. For example, the energy consumption for producing a set of carbon fiber hinges is 400W while a liquid metal keel of the same structure consumes 1332W.

The vivo X Fold3 Pro’s hinge is the first in the industry to use one-piece high-strength forged aluminum alloy. The bracket is 65% lighter in weight than the stainless-steel bracket commonly used in the industry with the same structure.

The hinge also uses aerospace-grade super-strong steel, which is currently the strongest steel in the MIM industry, with a yield strength of up to 2000Mpa. It adopts a water droplet-encircled design that greatly reduces the stress on the main screen and improves the impact resistance and durability of the folding screen.

After 8 months of research, exploration and design optimization, our structural engineers refined the hinge folding experience to be thin, easy to open, stable at various angles (between 60° and 120°), and natural to use.

2. Armor Architecture:

Beyond the hinge, vivo X Fold3 Pro features innovative Armor Architecture for comprehensive protection and enhanced durability. Foldable phones are often carried in a folded state, exposing the cover display to knocks and bumps. To strengthen the cover display, the vivo X Fold3 Pro adopts Armor Glass with precision gap-filling glue technology. This glass has achieved Five-Star Glass Drop Resistance certification from Switzerland’s SGS. The glass incorporates microcrystals that significantly increase its strength and cohesion, making it more resistant to shattering.

vivo X Fold3 Pro is equipped with Armor architecture making its glass ultra-durable and UPE fibers offering tensile strength 18x that of steel.

What is Armor Glass? How is it Different from Regular Glass?

Regular glass has atoms arranged randomly, leading to low cohesion and making it easy to shatter under external force. In contrast, Armor Glass used in the vivo X Fold3 Pro contains microcrystals that provide high hardness and cohesion. These microcrystals make the glass significantly stronger, similar to reinforcing concrete with steel bars.

Additionally, the smartphone features an Armor Back Cover made from ultra-durable glass fiber and UPE fiber. This cover offers superior impact and puncture resistance, ensuring the device’s durability against drops and protecting the battery while keeping the weight light.

3. Water Resistance

With an IPX8 rating, the vivo X Fold3 Pro offers reliable water resistance redefining foldable phone durability.

The vivo X Fold3 Pro has an IPX8* water resistance rating, allowing users to use it worry-free in rainy or humid environments. So, when you hold the vivo X Fold3 Pro in your hands, remember—you’re not just holding a phone; you’re holding a symbol of innovation and endless possibilities in the foldable phone market. With its revolutionary carbon fiber hinge, robust Armor Architecture, and reliable water resistance, vivo X Fold3 Pro has set a new standard for durability, lightness, and smoothness. This time we are not just enhancing the user experience but also setting a new benchmark for the industry, proving that the future of foldable technology is bright and durable, ready to meet the demands of everyday use without compromising on quality or functionality. 

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