Unleash your potential, illuminate your path and embark on a voyage of discovery with the remarkable vivo V27 series. When it comes to an adventure full of action, nab a tool that can keep you with you. The vivo V27 series provides a breath taking plunge into camera features such as Night Portrait with Aura Light that brings out the influencer in you. How can it not? The Aura light is like a ring light that enhances your portrait organically and gives you an Instagram worthy picture, on the go. It also enables you to groove and confidently venture out with your trusty trio- Sony IMX766V Sensor paired with Aura Light and the vivo’s flagship algorithms for a refined portrait experience and studio-quality night portraits.

The vivo V27 is the perfect tool for all occasions, featuring India’s first Wedding Style Portrait, exclusively customised with a blend of warm, pastel shades, gold and pink tones, to elevate your Great Indian Weddings.

Don’t be disheartened by setbacks caused by low light conditions; bounce back stronger and brighten up the night with stand-out features like Real-time Extreme Night Vision, Super Night Mode and Super Night video. Rain, hail, or sunshine – vivo V27 series lets you experience photography like never before, even in the most difficult conditions.

Trust the 50MP Eye AF front Camera to capture every detail vividly, just as you see your future, and never lose sight of your goals.