May 10, 2023

Power up your Night with Night Portrait: Step out with Confidence by Your Side

Unleash your potential, illuminate your path and embark on a voyage of discovery with the remarkable vivo V27. When it comes to an adventure full of action, nab a tool that can keep you with you. The vivo V27 provides a breathtaking plunge into camera features such as Night Portrait with Aura Light, enabling you to groove and confidently venture out with your trusty trio- Sony IMX766V Sensor paired with Aura Light and a refined portrait experience for studio-quality night portraits.

The vivo V27 is the perfect tool for all occasions, featuring India’s first Wedding Style Portrait, exclusively customised with a blend of warm, pastel shades, gold and pink tones, to elevate your Great Indian Weddings. Don’t be disheartened by setbacks caused by low light conditions; bounce back stronger and more determined than ever with vivo V27’s Real-time Extreme Night Vision and Super Night Mode. 

Smooth out the rough twists and turns off life by taking them head-on with the vivo V27, which boasts hybrid image stabilisation even in low light, making it the ideal companion for a fearless night stroll. Trust the 50 MP front camera to capture every detail vividly, just as you see your future, and never lose sight of your goals.