How our VBAs at vivo India building a Legacy of Trust and Excellence

In every profession, taking ownership extends beyond the responsibilities of an assigned role; it involves embodying a proactive and passionate approach towards the brand that you are associated with – whether it’s a product or a service. 

At vivo India, our journey is not just about smartphones; it’s about the people who make vivo a brand worth cherishing. And at the core of this journey are our vivo Brand Ambassadors (VBAs), who take full responsibility, pride and control over our creative or productive output. 

Our VBAs are not just marketing executives; they are the architects of our leadership in mainline retail. They understand that it’s not just about the product; it’s about the people who use the product. With passion coursing through their veins, these professionals are the first touchpoint for consumers entering our stores. Trained to understand and value consumer needs, they don’t just sell phones, they provide solutions and experiences that align with the individuality of our customers.

A Community of Strength: 35,000 VBAs and Counting

The strength of any community lies in its numbers, and ours boasts more than 35,000 VBAs spread across the nation. Their dedication has been pivotal in expanding vivo’s retail footprint in India. But it’s not just about numbers, it’s about nurturing and growing together.

Surshyam Bisen, vivo VBA, Chhattisgarh

Surshyam Bisen, our VBA from Tasveer Electronics, Chhattisgarh, shares, “I come from a financially challenged family with farming as our sole income. Despite excelling academically, pursuing my BE degree seemed like an unattainable dream. Enrolling in a DCA course and working at a cyber café for a limited pay of 2500/month was my reality. Joining vivo in 2015 marked a turning point. The BENFEN culture runs deep in me; some even jest, ‘Iske shareer mein khoon nahi, vivo daudhta hai!’ Today, with a respected position, financial stability, and a well-settled family, I owe it all to vivo.”

According to a survey we conducted in 2021, 100% VBAs agree that vivo offers them opportunities for professional growth. We recognise the contribution that every individual makes to our success, and are, in turn, committed to empowering them.

Investing in Growth: The vivo Promise to VBAs

At vivo, we consider our VBAs as integral members of the vivo family. Regular engagement activities are just one aspect of our commitment to their overall development and growth. Recognizing their hard work, dedication, and the positive impact they have on our brand, we strive to enhance their livelihoods and contribute positively to their personal, social, and professional lives.

Jennyfer Shylla, vivo VBA, North East

Talking about her journey as a VBA, Jennyfer Shylla from Maa Laxmi Electronics N R S Mobiles, North East, said, “Being a single parent of five, I’m truly thankful for the opportunity that vivo gave me at a very crucial time of my career. When I started off in 2016, nobody knew me, but I stuck with vivo to prove myself and turn my worries about financial stability into success. After these five transformative years—today, I hold a respected position, enjoy financial stability, and have a well-settled family—all credits to vivo.”

Growth and empowerment are at the core of our efforts. Our commitment to the VBAs goes beyond the retail counters. Our training programs empower them with confidence and improved communication skills. The VSR (vivo Sales Representatives) initiative stands as a testament to our innovative approach. This initiative not only offered a hassle-free arrangement for consumers but also ensured financial stability for our VBAs during the challenging times of the pandemic.

K A Mohsin Hyder, vivo VBA, Karnataka

“Recognized as a star VBA, I’ve received numerous awards, including a top performer award and an unforgettable international trip to Istanbul. Strengthening my customer base, fulfilling commitments, and even getting married—vivo has been a catalyst for positive change. I’m passionate about encouraging others to join the vivo family and aspire to achieve more milestones ahead.”, says K A Mohsin Hyder, our VBA from Devi International Store, Karnataka.

In the end, it’s not just about the phones we sell; it’s about the stories we create together. We believe that hard work invested by a brand translates into trust from those associated with it. At vivo India, we are committed to the long-term happiness and contentment of our people. Our continuous, passionate efforts have won us a community of happy VBAs who are proud to be associated with us.