Connecting with loved ones amidst digital distractions has become a real challenge. At a time where technology is taking over quality time that you spend with your partner, revive your relationship by unplugging with this ultimate guide.

1. Tech Detox Retreat

Recharge and reconnect by unplugging. Plan a romantic Delhi getaway – stroll in Lodhi Gardens or historic Old Delhi, then dinner at Maple Pods. Indulge in a fun photo shoot at The Insta-Worthy Champa Gali. Disconnect from tech, focus on each other, and strengthen your bond.

2. Rediscover bonding

Explore a hobby with loved ones in Delhi. Attend art galleries, museums, and cultural centres for pottery or photography classes. Try street photography in Old Delhi. Learn something new and create lasting memories while strengthening your bond.

3. Disconnect to reconnect

Find thrills in Delhi with exciting date night options. Bungee jump at Wanderlust or take a hot air balloon ride over the city. Step outside your comfort zone and bond with your partner by trying something new.

4. Relax together

Create meaningful memories with simple activities. Explore Delhi’s bazaar and indulge in street food. Read together at Lodhi Art District or picnic in lush gardens. Slow down, relax, and rejuvenate while enjoying each other’s company.

5. Little notes everywhere

Make lasting memories by leaving handwritten notes for your partner in their luggage. Create a physical album of candid pictures together. These small gestures go a long way. Unplug and rekindle your relationship with your loved ones.