Live the joy.”

At vivo India, this mantra shapes everything we do. It drives our initiatives, actions, and the positive impact we aim to create.

As a responsible smartphone brand, we believe in the positive influence of technology and the power it has to connect people and bring joy to the world. We fully recognize this wide-reaching impact and aim to transform lives through our efforts. Our CSR initiatives are driven by this belief. Over the past years, we have touched 2.5 million lives across the nation, investing INR 26 crores in our social endeavours. Our CSR vision is to empower and inspire youth of India by creating opportunities and platforms for them to grow and realise their talent and dreams.

To this end, we created a two-pronged CSR strategy that aligns with our brand ethos and ideology. Under this, we have our flagship initiative ‘vivo Ignite,’ which includes 3 projects – Technology and Innovation Initiative, Women in STEAM1 and vivo For Education. Second is our community-oriented approach wherein we focus on the need-based projects to address the specific needs of the communities.

Let’s explore each of these in detail:

1. vivo Ignite
To foster a culture of innovation and create a positive impact on society, we launched vivo Ignite with an idea to drive social change and contribute towards the country’s developmental goals. Our mission is to leave an enduring imprint of progress and empowerment. Through our vivo Ignite approach, we have given students a platform to innovate, given them scholarships and support for further education. Female students of STEAM1 have also been given mentorship which enables them to be job-ready, helps them convert their education and skills into employment through the guidance from mentors on soft skills and life skills.

  • Technology and Innovation Initiative: We believe that empowering young minds results in progress for any nation. Through the initiatives like the ‘Technology and Innovation Initiative,’ we provide a platform for budding innovators where they can showcase their creativity and problem-solving skills. It isn’t just about recognising talent; it’s about nurturing talent. With over 22,000 students engaged in the program over the past two years, and top ideas being considered for incubation at prestigious institutions like iHub DivyaSampark, IIT Roorkee, vivo is igniting the flames of innovation that will shape India’s future.
vivo Ignite 2023 Winners: (L to R) Sharvi Baisiwala, Shreyansh Nayak, Shubhashree Sahu, Shri Rajendra Prasad Singh, Vedanshi Mehta, Aarav Mohanraj, Arushi Ganguly, Yash Yadav.
  • Women in STEAM1 : Recognising the importance of gender inclusivity in the STEAM field, our CSR initiative, ‘Women in STEAM1,’ in collaboration with the Shooting Stars Foundation (SSF), contributes significantly to India’s growth story. This program offers merit-based scholarships of up to INR 60,000 to support women pursuing higher education in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM)1. Not only does this program provide financial support, but it also offers mentorship programs and customised learning sessions to ease their transition into the corporate world.
Beneficiaries of the vivo Women in STEM program sharing their journey.
  • vivo For Education: Our journey began in 2020 when the world was stuck with the COVID-19 pandemic. Education and learning became a virtual experience. To encourage underprivileged students to continue schooling and facilitate learning for them, we launched the ‘vivo For Education’ initiative in India with the phone donation programme. We provided smartphones to enable and empower these students. Over time, we have advanced the program. Now, we offer merit-based assistance to underprivileged students, enabling them to pursue their education across schools and colleges. As of today, 280 students have benefited from our scholarships and smartphone donation.

2. vivo Cares
In our ongoing commitment to India and its people, we launched the ‘vivo Cares’ initiative to support a range of social causes and welfare projects across the country. With vivo Cares, our aim is to support and volunteer for the society at large, empowering and enabling communities where we live and operate.  Here is the list of initiatives that fall under vivo Cares:

  • Creating Awareness on Cyber Safety: In 2023, Gurugram residents faced losses exceeding INR 300 crores due to cyber fraud. Shockingly, only 1 out of 50 cases was reported to authorities.2 This highlights a critical gap in cybersecurity awareness and action. To address this pressing issue, we as a trusted global smartphone brand teamed up with the Gurugram Cyber Police and conducted a cyber awareness session at our vivo Head Office in Gurugram. The idea was to create awareness and build a community that stands strong against cyber threats.
A glimpse of the cyber awareness session – Gurugram Cyber Police briefing the audience on cyber security.
  • Topical CSR Interventions: When the second wave hit the nation in March 2021, we pledged INR 10 crores under our ‘vivo Cares’ initiative to assist various government departments in boosting the healthcare sector with essential medical equipment for hospitals. From providing medical supplies worth crores during the COVID-19 pandemic to supporting education as a fundamental right, vivo is dedicated to responding to emergencies, disasters, and calamities, and contributing to the well-being of society.
COVID-19 humanitarian aid by vivo India during pandemic.

And we are not stopping here. As we look ahead, the future brims with possibilities to do more and impact more lives. We are committed to India and the youth of India by creating opportunities and platforms to provide easy access to education, promoting technology and innovation and contributing towards conserving environment thereby promoting sustainable growth for our nation.

1Note: In the financial year 2024-25, we aim to expand our ‘Women in STEM’ program to ‘Women in STEAM’ by including deserving female students from underprivileged backgrounds who are pursuing higher education in the Arts.

2 Source: Gurugram Cyber Police