In this bustling world, where moments pass swiftly like the speed of light, it’s difficult to savour the little things. This is where the vivo V Series comes in with a strong promise – to capture, preserve, and cherish life moments. With a mantra to “delight every moment,” each addition to the V Series has been carefully crafted to capture the most cherished moments while seamlessly fitting into the modern lifestyle.

With the introduction of V29e, vivo has launched the most premium e-variant in the V series. This latest addition highlights the very essence that has defined the V series but adds its unique flavour to the mix and elevates its legacy to even greater heights, making it the slimmest smartphone in its segment with a 3D curved display. As we explore V29e’s features and design elements, it becomes clear that vivo has once again achieved the perfect balance between innovation, aesthetics, and functionality.

Slimmest 3D Curved Display
The visual centrepiece of V29e is its 3D curved display – an expanse of technological marvel that takes users into a world of clarity and smoothness. With a refresh rate of 120 Hz every swipe, every tap becomes an interaction of pure fluidity, blurring the line between the virtual and real world. This sleek and curved display enhances the look of your V29e smartphone and adds all the aesthetics you need.

Artistic Colour Choices: Vibrant Red and Artistic Blue Back Panels
For those who seek an extension of their style and believe in embracing their individuality and uniqueness, V29e is the perfect choice! Available in vibrant red and an artistic blue and packed with a stunning shimmering texture, V29e allows users to choose the hue that resonates with their personality. For those with a valiant personality, driven by passion, adventure and energy, the Artistic Red smartphone is the right choice with its captivating colour that shifts to reflect your ever-changing moods and moments. And the ones who resonate with creativity and originality can definitely go for the Artistic Blue V29e. In addition to its remarkable colour-changing capabilities, the V29e features a Diamond pattern back panel that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.

A Finale of Elegance: Aerospace-Grade Metal Border
Drawing inspiration from the elegance of perfume bottles and the precision of fine watches, the V29e camera features subtle yet luxurious metal lines along its outer ring and cloud-like steps. These lines gracefully frame the intricate lens area and add a touch of refined radiance to the clear body of the camera. This design also keeps alive the timeless lightness that defines the V series.

A Seamless 7.5 mm Ultra-Slim Body
Your V29e smartphone showcases a sleek, curved screen that flows seamlessly into the middle frame. The gentle curve adds a touch of elegance to the design, while its slim 7.5 mm thickness ensures an attractive look and a comfortable hold. It’s more than just a detail – it’s an elegant statement that celebrates the V Series legacy while propelling it into the future.

Cloud Step camera module
With the Cloud Step camera module, V29e invites you to see the world through a transformative lens. This uniqueness allows interaction between light and shadow in a fascinating manner, resulting in a design that appears more transparent and pure. By incorporating the Bauhaus design style, V29e’s camera module aligns itself with a piece of art that harmonises with the device’s aesthetics.

Portrait Photography
With its cutting-edge Portrait features, V29e takes the art of photography to new heights. From crystal-clear selfies to captivating night portraits, the device ensures that you are always in focus. With the precision of the 50 MP Eye AF Selfie to the enchanting allure of the Bokeh Flare Portrait, combined with the 64 MP OIS Night Portrait Camera this device isn’t just about capturing moments – it’s about crafting stories.

So, if you’re looking for a smartphone that will help you make the most of every moment, the vivo V29e is the perfect choice for you. To know more about the vivo V series and V29e, don’t forget to visit the website and buy now!