June 13, 2023

“With an aim to continue raising the benchmark, we have set our focus on ‘Design for India’ – designing in India, by Indians, for Indians”

At vivo, we are committed to providing our customers with  delightful experiences. How? By unlocking the magic of human connection to power our business, transform our industry, and make a positive impact through our products. During the product conceptualization phase, we place a strong emphasis on product industrial design, software, and cameras as key components; It is an ever-evolving process – We continuously enhance our design capabilities to mirror the needs, preferences, and choices of Indian users to better serve them. 

We have taken definitive steps towards establishing a core industrial design team in India, which plays a decisive role in understanding user needs and local trends. Additionally, we have also set up a camera imaging team that is tasked with understanding and identifying the local camera needs so the camera can be optimised according to users. We work tirelessly to comprehend their requirements and address our users’ concerns.

At the core of our ethos is our unwavering commitment to India and its people. With a focus on ‘Design for India’, our long-term vision is to be an active contributor to India’s economic and technological progress, adding substantial value to the growth and progress of the nation by creating user-centric products.