Innovation, critical thinking and problem solving form the oasis for growth and progress in any industry. At vivo India, innovation is one of our foundational values and our values extend beyond simply making a profit. Instead, we aim to uplift communities and thereby promote sustainable growth for our nation.

To fulfil our commitment towards India and propel growth at a national level, we launched vivo Ignite – a nationwide program that aims to cultivate a spirit of innovation and provide a platform for students across India who are driven to create impactful technologies that add value to society.

This initiative is designed especially for Indian students from eighth to twelfth grade, who have the potential to identify the pressing issues of society and come up with solution-driven ideas and technologies that stand the test of time. Our mission is to empower these talented young minds and nurture them to become potential changemakers of the nation. Students enrolling to be a part of vivo Ignite will not only reap the benefits of the program but it will also help them inculcate an inquiry-based mindset, in the foundational years of their lives.

What’s more? This initiative is an ongoing effort by vivo India and the second edition of this competition is under the works. Over 3,000 students from across the country had registered for the first edition of vivo Ignite, and the top 10 national winners, or changemakers as we like to call them, won cash prizes totalling more than 25 lakh rupees. This platform provides young innovators with an opportunity to get recognised and rewarded for their path breaking ideas.

So, if you know of any students who meet the criteria, tell them – their idea could be the next big thing that brings about real change!