In a world where innovation meets purpose, extraordinary solutions emerge. This is where our unique ‘vivo Ignite, Science and Innovation Awards’ initiative plays an instrumental role. As part of our CSR commitment, we launched a ground-breaking initiative last year that aims to provide a platform for visionary young dreamers who have the courage to reimagine a brighter future. 

Launched in 2022, the main idea behind this program is to encourage critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a deep curiosity for scientific exploration among the students of grade 8 to 12.

By nurturing young minds with the principles of innovation and creative thinking, the program aims to empower changemakers to explore solutions that solve real-life challenges. As we look back on the first edition of vivo Ignite, we are reminded of the countless transformative projects that have emerged from the minds of these determined students.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the amazing projects from the first edition of the vivo Ignite, Science and Innovation Awards, ranging from sustainable solutions to combat crisis to concepts with the capability to revolutionize the various industries.


Discover how our young innovators plan to protect and preserve the planet’s natural resources.

MARIMO – Eco-Friendly Mechanism to Clean Oil Spills

Marine oil spills are one of the significant threats to the environment, leading to climate change and global warming. It disrupts the delicate balance of flora and fauna that rely on the oceanic niche. Amudhu Shas taken up the challenge to resolve the crisis of marine oil spills with MARIMO. MARIMO is a simple, eco-friendly system to clean oil spill from the sea surface. With an impressive retrieval rate of over 75%, MARIMO ensures that the collected oil is nearly pure and can be re-utilised. This eco-friendly mechanism not only cleans up the spillage but also leads to ecosystem conservation.

Valuable Trash: Using Advanced AI to Recycle & Upcycle Waste

The mounting plastic waste poses a severe threat to our environment, and repurposing waste has become a challenging task for many. Pranet Hiranandani is addressing this issue through his project ’Valuable Trash’ His project aims to tackle environmental dangers from mounting plastic waste using artificial intelligence (AI). Users can scan the waste items and classify the type, material, and size of the waste item. Creative ideas to recycle and upcycle are generated, making waste repurposing effective and innovative.

G-LED: Reusable LED Bulbs & Tubes with Replaceable LED Cartridge

The ever-increasing production of LED bulbs has led to a significant increase in plastic and aluminium waste. Aditya Chopra’s Green-LED project tackles environmental degradation caused by LED bulb waste by introducing reusable LED bulbs with a modular design. The innovative approach features a replaceable LED cartridge, reducing electronic waste and costs. Unlike conventional bulbs, the G-LED system promotes sustainable practices through efficient component replacement, minimising environmental impact.

Pollution Monitoring and Mitigation

Explore strategies to combat pollution and create a cleaner environment to safeguard ecosystems and communities.

Detecting Air Pollution Levels using Machine Learning on Plant Leaves

Yuvvan Talreja’s innovative project combats pollution with deep learning. The ML model effectively detects and monitors environmental pollution levels, offering a unique approach to the battle against air pollution.

Converting Mould to Gold (Community Garbage Disintegrator)

Growing up amidst a massive mountain of garbage, another young mind, Shailaja Bhatia wondered, “What if this garbage could be transformed into something useful?” This led her to ideate ‘Treasure trash’ and has conceptualised the creation of a giant Community Garbage Disintegrator, an electric instant composter. Using scientific technology, this innovative disintegrator turns waste into a valuable product which can be used in nurseries, horticulture, greenhouses, and eventually help communities in nourishing and giving back to the Mother Earth.

Healthcare and Medical Advancements

Find out how our young minds are ready to transform the medical landscape for a healthier society.

Early Detection of Vocal Disorders Using Voice Analysis & Machine Learning

In India, over 55 million people suffer from laryngeal cancer and vocal disorders like dysphonia. Recognizing that a change in voice is often the first sign of these disorders, Arhaan Garg has created his project “The Voice Healers” that analyses 40 voice parameters using machine learning and distinguishes healthy voices from patients with vocal cord issues. This enables early identification and intervention for improved healthcare outcomes.

Bloodice – Bluetooth-Enabled Blood Testing Device

Navya Wadhwa is determined to revolutionise disease diagnosis with their innovative project, Bloodice. To prevent frequent visits to diagnostic centres she has developed a Bluetooth-enabled blood testing device that can be easily used at home. Bloodice can provide quality healthcare within reach for everyone.

Animal Welfare

FWWA (Food and Water Wealth for Animals)

Aakansh Bansal is dedicated to improve the lives of stray animals. His initiative ‘FWWA (Food and Water Wealth for Animals’ aims at reducing the number of animal deaths caused by water and food shortages. By ensuring a steady supply of water and food to animals and plants, Aakansh suggests a way to balance ecosystems.

Disaster Response and Robotics

Through innovative robotics and AI solutions-oriented projects, we get some suggestions to enhance disaster response mechanisms to save lives and assist in crisis situations.

Squirrel-Based Rescue Robots for Remote Places & Natural Disasters

Inspired by nature’s resilience, Raghav Sinha has developed squirrel-based rescue robots for use in remote places and natural disasters. They are small and can reach remote places and disaster-struck areas. These robots can help people in ways like mapping rescue paths, alerting authorities supporting during search and rescue operations, survey areas after natural calamities to map injured people and help them access the right resources.

Driver Drowsiness Detection System to Prevent Road Accidents

An important contributing factor in traffic accidents is driver drowsiness, which accounts for over 20% of vehicle accidents worldwide. Ananditha Sashidar’s innovative project focuses on creating a cost-effective Driver Drowsiness Detection System using Artificial Intelligence. It alerts drivers, reduces accidents, and promotes safer journeys worldwide.

As we celebrate the success of this inaugural journey, we embrace the boundless possibilities of the future, with vivo Ignite, Science and Innovation Awards. This project steadfastly continues its mission to inspire a generation of innovators who will shape the world for years to come.