Meet the Top 5 Changemakers of the vivo Ignite Awards, Developing Innovative Solutions for a Better World

Do you believe that youth have the potential to change tomorrow? Well, at vivo India, we believe in it wholeheartedly and foster a culture where the joy of thinking is celebrated. With a firm conviction in the potential of young minds, vivo Ignite Awards provides a platform to empower young innovators to envision a better future and think beyond boundaries.

After receiving 19,000+ registrations & over 4,000 submissions of innovative ideas from different states of India, we are extremely proud to see the young innovator’s ambition to transform the lives of people. The passion young changemakers brought to the second season of vivo Ignite Awards made clear that they hold the keys to transforming the world and are ready to contribute to India’s growth story.

Given below are the top 5 national prize-winning ideas ready to touch the lives of millions:

1.SMART STREET – Where innovation meets sustainability

A one-stop solution to revolutionise urban infrastructure with a multifaceted approach to road safety and environmental conservation. According to a 2022 report, India saw 4,61,312 road accidents, an 11.9% increase from 2021. With the purpose of prioritising safety, a group of young innovators, Vedanshi Mehta, Arushi Ganguly, and Aarav Mohanraj devised a solution for better urban environments. They have introduced innovative features like piezoelectric tiles that convert mechanical to electrical energy and behave as sensors on the ground to prevent accidents and also power streetlights. But it’s not just about safety, they’re also helping the environment. It cleans up the air by capturing and recycling harmful CO2. Their goal is simple: to make our streets safer, cheaper, and eco-friendlier.

L to R- Aarav Mohanraj, Vedanshi Mehta, Arushi Ganguly

2.Multi-Functional Eco-friendly Agro Machine

In India, 75% of farmers, mostly marginal, don’t use modern agricultural machines due to cost, lack of portability, environmental concerns, limited functionality, and reliance on non-renewable energy. After thorough research and testing, Shubhashree Sahu developed an agro-machine. Using solar energy and employing the principle of conservation of energy, it offers an affordable, portable, and eco-friendly solution. With its ability to perform multiple operations such as threshing, grain separation, straw cutting, winnowing, and bag stitching, the machine significantly enhances agricultural productivity. Certified by the Indian Institute of Rice Research and well-received by local farmers, this innovation promises to uplift rural communities and transform the agricultural landscape of India.

Shubhashree Sahu

3.Automatic Machine for ready-to-grow Oyster Mushroom Bags

In rural land of India, despite abundant paddy straws Oyster Mushroom production remains low which is a mere 35,000 metric tons annually. The tedious, time-consuming manual methods deter farmers from producing this nutritious resource. In recognition of this problem, a visionary innovator Shreyansh Nayak designed a machine which cuts the straw, cleans it, and even puts mushroom seeds in it automatically. It means farmers can get bags of straw ready for mushrooms quickly and without much effort. Through innovation, they have not only addressed a pressing problem but also unlocked a pathway to prosperity for rural farmers. By harmonising technology with tradition, this transformative tool eases the burden of farming.

Shreyansh Nayak

4.Optimization For Cyclists’ Posture Using Real-Time Embedded System And Data Analysis

Cycling’s speed depends a lot on how the cyclist cuts through the air. To help cyclists go faster, Sharvi Baisiwala created a special device that tracks their posture. By studying this data, cyclists can adjust how they ride to reduce wind resistance, making them faster. Tests showed a 10% speed boost with these adjustments. But, to make this technology more available, it needs to be cheaper and safer. Overall, this innovation not only helps cyclists perform better but also fosters sustainability, offering health benefits while also mitigating carbon emissions.

Sharvi Baisiwala


STEMLY, the project championed by Yash Yadav, aims to shatter the barriers hindering women’s participation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Using conversational AI, it tackles biases and challenges, providing personalised support to boost interest and involvement in this area. With women representing only 33% of researchers and 28% of engineering graduates worldwide, STEMLY aims to boost women’s interest and engagement in STEM. This innovation not only helps individuals but also contributes to broader goals of gender equality and socioeconomic progress.

Yash Yadav

At vivo Ignite Awards, it is not just about winning, it encompasses the vision to create a real impact and play a pivotal role in moulding the future of our nation. As part of vivo’s commitment to India, this initiative has become a symbol of driving innovation and positive societal impact. vivo remains committed to its vision to uplift communities through a range of initiatives, underscoring its dedication to education, inspiration, empowerment, and the celebration of innovation for a brighter tomorrow.