In this digital age, where smartphones have become an extension of ourselves, it’s no surprise that people’s faces dominate our screens. It’s as if our devices have evolved to capture the essence of human connection, allowing us to freeze moments in time with a single tap.
vivo recognises this, and they have woven the magic of portrait mode into their smartphone cameras beautifully. In recent years, we have witnessed a remarkable transformation in the quality of these on-board portrait modes. The days of blurred edges and artificial-looking backgrounds are behind us. Now, with vivo flagship models leading the charge, you can achieve portrait photography that rivals the traditional setup.
vivo’s latest innovation, the V29 and V29 Pro, takes this creativity to new heights with the introduction of the Smart Aura Light. In this blog, we will explore how this feature redefines mobile photography, making it a canvas for artistic expression.

The Portrait Revolution

With the V29 series, vivo introduces a portrait revolution. The Smart Aura Light, boasting the largest aura light size in vivo’s history, provides impressive and even lighting in a 360° full-angle manner. This game-changing technology significantly enhances the visual appeal of portraits.

The aura light’s 15.6 mm outer ring diameter brings forth a world of possibilities. It offers 9 times light emitting area which can’t be found on standard flash and 36% increase in brightness compared to the previous generation.
In real-world scenarios where ideal lighting is often unavailable, this feature becomes a reliable companion for photographers, especially in challenging conditions like night scenes, indoor settings, and gatherings.

The Power of the Sony Professional Portrait Lens

In professional photography, the focal length is considered ideal for portraits, offering a perspective that highlights the subject’s texture and details. vivo’s V29 Pro is the first in the V series to feature a 2x pro portrait lens, optimised for a shooting distance of 0.5-2 meters. This, combined with the ultra-fast and precise autofocus of the IMX663 sensor, delivers a professional portrait effect that rivals DSLR cameras. The Portrait Camera captures every detail with stunning clarity, It ensures clear edge detection and smooth transitions between the foreground and background, producing crispy and clean portraits.

Night Portrait with Smart Aura Light

Taking pictures at night can be challenging, but not anymore.
One of the most remarkable features of the Smart Aura Light is its ability to illuminate even in the darkest of nightscapes. Whether you’re strolling through the bustling streets, exploring an old town, or gazing into the depths of an aquarium, the aura light transforms these scenes into opportunities for stunning night portraits.

Wedding-Ready LUTs

Indian weddings are special, and vivo knows that. The brand has included Wedding style three LUTs made just for Indian weddings. These filters are inspired by the work of top Indian wedding photographers, so your wedding photos will look amazing.

Tailoring Light for the Perfect Shot

The magic of the Smart Aura Light lies in its adaptability. It allows photographers to customise the lighting temperature to match the mood and subject. Whether you desire the warmth of candlelight or the coolness of moonlight, the Smart Aura Light goes beyond mere aesthetics. With its remarkable range of 6 adjustable colour temperatures, you have the flexibility to fine-tune your lighting either manually or through its automatic mode, guaranteeing that your portraits are consistently bathed in the perfect light.

Were you aware of these incredible features? Don’t miss out on the portrait magic of the V29 series. Try it now and redefine your mobile photography experience!