Have you explored the V Series Smart Aura Light feature in your Night portraits yet?

If you haven’t, let us introduce what exactly is smart aura light and how it can be a game changer in your night photography.In the real world, there are times when we’re eager to capture precious moments, but the perfect lighting conditions are not always available. To tackle this challenge vivo added a built-in ring light called the Aura Light in its V Series, which replaces the usual camera flash in order to make portrait shots clearer and more natural-looking. The Smart Aura light is your very own studio that you can carry in your pocket.

Let’s start by understanding how Aura light makes a difference in any picture, what is so special about the vivo V29 series Smart Aura Light and how exactly is it different from its previous segment:

  • Impressive aura light: Unlike its predecessors, V29 Series boasts an Aura Light with an astonishing diameter of 15.6 mm. It’s not just a visual enhancement, it’s a revolution in smartphone lighting.

  • 360° even lighting: The oversized Aura Light creates a three-dimensional lighting effect, evenly illuminating your subject from all angles. Say goodbye to pesky facial shadows and dark areas, as your photos and videos will now exude a professional, well-lit quality.
  • 9 Times light-emitting area: This exceptional feature sets the Aura Light apart from standard flashes. It produces soft, non-glaring light reminiscent of a professional studio setup. Your skin tone is enhanced, and imperfections are discreetly concealed.

  • 36% brighter illumination: Compared to its predecessor, the vivo V29’s Aura Light shines noticeably brighter. Even in challenging low-light conditions, your subject will appear clearer and more vibrant.

Other than providing exceptional lighting with aura light one can also make smart temperature adjustments. In the world of photography and videography, maintaining consistent colour temperature is crucial. A shift in colour temperature can lead to unattractive colour variations in your visuals. Traditionally, photographers would use colour filters on DSLR fill lights to adjust colour temperature, a process that’s often imprecise. But here in V29, you have Smart colour temperature adjustment and you can also control this manually to create your choice of environment. Let’s dive into these features in more detail:

Smart Color temperature adjustment: Here the device adapts seamlessly to diverse environments with varying colour temperatures. Whether you are capturing the neon-lit streets of a city or the cosy ambience of a dimly lit bar, the V29 intuitively adjusts its colour temperature to harmonise with the surroundings. If you capture the cosy and intimate atmosphere of the jazz bar, preserving the warm tones and nuances of the environment. Basically, your device effortlessly adapts to diverse colour temperatures and enables you to tell the colourful stories of every stunning shot.

Manual Control for Artistic Freedom: The Smart Aura Light goes a step further by offering manual control. This empowers users to create a customised atmosphere effortlessly. By using a colour temperature slider, users can easily fine-tune the lighting to match their desired atmosphere and mood. This level of control enables artistic expression and ensures that the content you create, whether it’s photos or videos, reflects your personal and unique style. It’s like you have the power to tailor the lighting to your creative vision, resulting in more personalised and visually appealing content.

In conclusion, Smart Aura Light redefines the way we capture moments by delivering professional-grade lighting. It is a tool that empowers both creators and photography enthusiasts to unlock their creative potential. If you’re looking to elevate your smartphone photography, the vivo V29 with its Smart Aura Light is a must-have companion for your visual journey.