Have you ever held a smartphone in your hand and wondered how a brand chooses the colours of its smartphones or why the smartphone’s camera looks the way it does? What if we told you that each product crafted by the brand carries a fascinating story waiting to be revealed?

Let’s take the example of the Ultimate Flagship product X100 Series with Next Level of Imaging, a smartphone that’s designed to redefine premium experiences like never before. Both the X100 and X100 Pro uphold the signature sleek, stylish, and featherlight design aesthetics synonymous with the vivo X series. But what was the idea behind the design?

Let’s dive in and uncover the fascinating tale behind these choices that define the essence of the X100 series.

The Inspiration behind the Colour:
The selection of ‘Asteroid Black’ for the X100 series is more than just a choice of colour, it aims to evoke a sense of cosmic exploration, mystery, and sophistication. Inspired by the vastness of space, it symbolises elegance, adding a touch of refinement to the surroundings. By associating with space exploration, this colour appeals to those who are fascinated by the universe’s mysteries, making it attractive to a wide audience. Ultimately, offering users a product that embodies the spirit of discovery.

Halo-Inspired Camera Module Design:
Drawing inspiration from the celestial bodies that grace the night sky, the moon, and stars, this Moon Halo around the lens module is a testament to artistry. Made from high-quality mirror-finished stainless steel used in aerospace, the Moon Halo Cloud Step turns solid metal into a delicate, otherworldly shape. Its detailed design, resembling shimmering star paths, grabs attention and inspires awe. When light plays across it, this step brings a sleek, luxurious look, giving a premium look to the smartphone.

Integrally Cut 2.5D Rounded Glass Lens:
The craftsmanship with the integrally cut 2.5D rounded glass lens of the X100 Series is meticulously designed to perfection. The lens’s seamless integration with the Moon Halo Cloud Step creates a captivating visual symphony. As light gracefully dances across its surface this dynamic interplay of light and shadow elevates every moment.
Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the integrally cut 2.5D rounded glass lens offers unparalleled durability and protection. With Gorilla Glass 7 shielding the camera module (exclusive to the X100 Pro), you can confidently capture moments without fear of damage or distortion.

The Sunburst Pattern for Timeless Elegance:
Another striking feature of the X100 Series is its sunburst pattern, reminiscent of high-end mechanical watches. Picture yourself wearing a luxury timepiece, its intricate design catching the light with every movement of your wrist. That’s the feeling you get when you hold the X100 Series in your hand – a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication that sets it apart from the crowd.

IP68 Water and Dust Resistance:
But what good is beauty without durability? That’s where the X100 Series shines with its IP68 water and dust resistance. Imagine being able to capture breathtaking photos in the pouring rain or make important calls even in dusty environments. With the X100 Series, you can do just that. Its design packed with IP68 water resistance provides effective protection in case the phone accidentally falls into the water.

The overall X100 Series design story is a fusion of curiosity and innovation, boundless in its possibilities. It’s a tale of exploration and inspiration creating a gateway to the cosmos, where technology meets elegance, and every detail tells a story. To know more about the X100 Series and how it captures every moment with sophistication and grace click here.