Have you ever tried to capture the mesmerising colors of a sunrise or sunset, only to have them elude your lens? Well, not anymore! With the new vivo X100 Series, the quest for the perfect hues is well within your grasp.

Experience the next level of imaging with this flagship smartphone where each feature tells a unique story. Being the industry’s first ZEISS APO Certified Telephoto Camera, it captures every photograph as a visual masterpiece and becomes your storyteller.

Ready to level up your photography game? Read on to learn the secrets behind the lens and experience the Next level of Imaging!

Masterful Next Level of Imaging with the Industry’s Leading Camera Prowess Powered with ZEISS Innovation

The X100 Pro is equipped with a 50MP Triple Camera Setup featuring the ZEISS innovation in the main camera, APO Floating Telephoto Camera, and Super Wide-Angle Camera elevating the photography experience to unprecedented heights. The ZEISS Main Camera, at the heart of this triple camera system, boasts the Industry’s Largest Sensor for unparalleled image quality. The addition of ZEISS APO Floating Telephoto Camera allows zooming capabilities of up to 100x, bringing distant subjects into clear focus. What sets the X100 Pro apart is its ZEISS APO certification in the Telephoto Camera, a world-first for mobile imaging systems. This certification significantly reduces chromatic aberration, providing superior image clarity.

Capture the Sun Like Never Before: A Unique Telephoto Sunshot Feature

Take your sunset and sunrise shots to the next level, with the exceptional Telephoto Sunshot feature in the X100 series. Imagine capturing the sun in all its glory, with precise color tones, minimal glare, and noise-free zooming – that’s the magic of the Telephoto Sunshot feature. By detecting red-sun scenarios, it enhances image quality, refines color tones, optimises computational processes and redefines the way you capture the beauty of dawn and dusk!

Beat the Chromatic Aberration: The ZEISS APO Floating Telephoto Camera

Elevating the standards of mobile imaging, the X100 Pro introduces the world’s first mobile imaging system with ZEISS APO certification in its Telephoto Camera.  Apochromatic lenses (APO) are renowned for their unparalleled color correction capabilities, By effectively focusing all colors of light onto the same point, this certified lens enhances image clarity, making every detail pop with vibrancy.
Regular lenses often struggle to focus all colors of light onto the same point, resulting in visual imperfections like blurriness, color fringing, and chromatic aberration. The ZEISS APO Floating Telephoto Camera conquers these challenges with top-level control over chromatic aberration, ensuring your images are crystal clear and free from ghosting, purple/green fringing, or clarity reduction.

So, if you are looking for the best smartphone with a certified telephoto lens, the X100 Series could be your next option. Say hello to a camera that turns your everyday moments into captivating tales of color and light ensuring that you get the best shots every time. To learn more about X100 Series click here!