In the dynamic world of smartphone retail, where innovation and consumer demand collide, it’s our partners, our retailers who truly embody the spirit of vivo. As a brand, we are known for our innovation and consumer-centric approach, and we have not only made a mark in the mobile industry but have also become a cornerstone in the journey of retailers who share our vision. We believe that our success is deeply rooted in the success of our partners and retailers, and we are committed to supporting them in any way we can. In the bustling markets of India, a trio of enterprising individuals has not only carved a niche for themselves but also established themselves as the face of vivo’s unwavering commitment to India and its people. These stories spotlight the essence of partnerships that thrive on trust, transparency, and a shared vision for success.

From Legacy to Identity: Rishab Jain’s Journey, Bhawal Electronics, Mumbai, India

At Bhawal Electronics in Mumbai, 18-year-old Rishabh Jain had a choice: to continue his family’s trading legacy or carve a new niche for himself by entering the world of smartphones. Opting for the latter, Rishabh’s journey was marked by bold decisions and determination. Moving from consumer electronics to smartphones, Rishabh’s venture flourished under the guidance of vivo. Rishabh’s retail journey commenced with a modest investment of under ₹15 lakh.

Today, at 24, he commands an impressive annual turnover of ₹7-8 crore. The association with vivo played a pivotal role in his success. Rishabh credits vivo’s market longevity, impeccable service reputation, and product quality as catalysts. Speaking about his achievements since becoming a vivo retailer, Rishab says, “My hunger for doing better and continuing the trajectory of achieving my targets has only increased since I’ve been associated with vivo. It feels great to be rewarded for everything I do for the brand – from pre-booking activation to receiving target achievement trophies, the brand empowers its retailers and supports our growth in every way.” The brand advisors from vivo bolstered his confidence, equipping him with the skills to enhance product features persuasively.

As Rishabh reflects on his journey, he anticipates an exciting future for smartphone retail. With innovations on the horizon, he envisions a path paved with endless opportunities, all thanks to a partnership that put him on the map.

Journey of a Lifetime: Sunny Sainini’s Story, Nishta The Mobile Funda, Rajasthan, India

In the heart of Rajasthan, Sunny Sainani embarked on a journey that would not only transform his life but also bridge continents. Starting as a promoter, Sunny’s drive led him to establish Nishta – The Mobile Funda, a name now synonymous with quality and trust. The journey was not one taken alone; Sunny called upon his brother, who returned from Europe after 15 years, to stand by his side.

With exponential growth, Sunny’s business soared to touch a monthly turnover of ₹3 crore in 2022. A major catalyst in this achievement was his partnership with vivo, a brand that not only augmented his sales but also empowered him to realise his dream of reuniting his family.

An important member of the vivo VIP programme for retailers, Sunny expresses how the brand doesn’t just stop at providing sales or after-sales services but also reaches out to the retailers’ families and ensures that they feel included and belonged. “From celebrating festivals to achieving important milestones, I feel blessed to share the joy with my family. The vivo VIP programme management is so focused and always ensures that my family feels included in my journey.” Sunny’s sentiment resonates deeply as he acknowledges that the smartphone retail world is unique, enabling individuals to make monumental strides with the right partnership. To Sunny, vivo isn’t just a brand; it’s a symbol of stability and assurance that enabled him to rewrite the narrative of his family’s journey.

The Face of Influence: Kailash Haswani’s Retail Journey, SSD Mobile Gallery, Mumbai, India

A celebrity within his locality, Kailash radiates authority as he imparts his smartphone wisdom. The recognition he garners speaks volumes about the profound impact traders like him have on shaping consumer opinions. Making his way to Mumbai in 2014, Kailash started SSD Mobile Gallery, which is now a thriving enterprise on its own.

Kailash also expressed how the brand connects to his family and how they provide end-to-end support whenever need be. “I have enjoyed every bit of my association with vivo since 2014. Not only has this partnership helped me scale my business but the after-sale service at vivo is unmatched. From taking care of the interiors of my store, to providing first-class consumer service, vivo is always one step ahead.”

Being a well-established smartphone retailer, he also shares an interesting insight that every 6 out of 10 smartphones sold in a day are vivo smartphones. Not only does Kailash trust the brand and its services, he also vouches for vivo’s user-centric innovations. Looking ahead, he’s determined to keep this association strong and expand his retail footprint in the coming years.

The partnership between vivo and its retailers isn’t just transactional; it’s a symphony of shared aspirations and achievements. These stories are symbolic of the thriving ecosystem that emerges when a brand like vivo collaborates with its partners. As Rishabh, Sunny, and Kailash continue to champion innovation, influence, and identity, their narratives echo the resounding success of vivo’s dedication to their partners’ growth and prosperity. Together, they’re forging a path towards a future that’s defined by limitless possibilities and enduring partnerships.