January 9, 2024

Breaking Barriers: A Spotlight on vivo’s Women Entrepreneurs

From daily household responsibilities to family commitments to running their businesses, women are proving there's nothing they can't do.

Step into the world of smartphone innovation, where the unstoppable strength of women entrepreneurs is reshaping narratives filled with resilience, creativity, and an unyielding drive to conquer challenges. In an exclusive chat with the vivo Newsroom team, some of these trailblazers unveil their journeys, spotlighting how vivo acknowledges their entrepreneurial dreams but also actively nurtures them.

Beyond the competitive landscape, what ties these tales of entrepreneurship together is the central role played by vivo in cultivating an atmosphere where women thrive as leaders. This is more than a celebration; it’s a testament to women breaking barriers and vivo’s unwavering commitment to propelling their success in the ever-evolving world of smartphone retail.

From Corporate Chapters to Entrepreneurial Triumph: Rashika Singhal’s Journey in the Smartphone Industry

The story of Rashika Singhal, our distributor from Guna, Madhya Pradesh, transcends the conventional narrative of a woman in the smartphone industry. After completing her MBA degree, she started working from home with aspirations of advancing in her corporate career, but little did she know that life had different plans for her.

During the second wave of the global pandemic in May 2021 her father’s untimely demise left her with the responsibility of their family business. In the face of adversity, Rashika had a choice to make – either step away from the family business or embrace it wholeheartedly.

After careful consideration and keeping in mind the legacy her father had invested his whole life in, Rashika chose to take over the business. She understood that the challenges were immense, especially as a woman entering in the smartphone industry. Retailers were hesitant to listen and questioned her capabilities.

Challenges exist, but so do opportunities, and times are changing. People are accepting women in this industry. To all the women planning to venture out, don’t doubt your abilities. If we try, we can.

Rashika Singhal
vivo Distributor, Madhya Pradesh

Despite the hurdles and the industry’s reluctance to accept women in leadership roles, Rashika found a steadfast ally in vivo. The company not only offered her essential training but also provided crucial personal support, breaking the stereotypes that often hinder a woman’s progress.  

Rashika’s success echoes loudly. During Diwali 2021, she emerged as one of the top three distributors who successfully achieved their targets in the zone. Despite facing initial resistance, retailers rallied behind her, acknowledging her achievements.

With almost 50 outlets across an 80-kilometre upcountry area in Guna, Rashika’s business has not only thrived but serves as a testament to the changing times. Just like herself, she envisions more women joining the industry, and being at the forefront of the evolving landscape..

Madhuri’s Resilience: A Journey of Empowerment in the Smartphone Industry

Madhuri Chiplunkar – our distributor from Panjim, Goa embarked on a transformative journey with vivo in June 2020—a story not just of career change but of resilience, determination, and a commitment to empower not only herself but also other women.

Madhuri’s entrepreneurial journey began long before vivo, distributing smartphone brands since 2004. Widowed in 2007, she encountered a series of challenges on her journey to pursue her dreams. Despite hurdles, her path took a positive turn when she joined vivo.

Reflecting on her three-year partnership with vivo, Madhuri highlights a crucial period during the pandemic; vivo’s unwavering support ensured a continuous stock supply, keeping her business afloat.

Having been associated with vivo for the past three years, I have experienced support at every step, and I would say the smartphone industry is not exclusive to males. As we break barriers and forge ahead, the opportunities awaiting women in this industry or in the sales market are boundless.

Madhuri Chiplunkar
vivo Distributor, Goa

From Multibrand store to vivo Exclusive: P. Jayavadivukkarasi’s Entrepreneurial Harmony

Talking about her journey, P. Jayavadivukkarasi – a women entrepreneur who runs a vivo exclusive store in Erode, Tamil Nadu, mentioned that amidst the uncertainties of the lockdown, June 2021 emerged as a turning point. Despite the challenges, Jaya accomplished an impressive feat by selling 500 vivo pieces in a single month. The collaboration with vivo went beyond traditional distributorship, as she emphasized the extensive support they received, ranging from staff training and assistance in setting up store infrastructure to managing stock efficiently.

Throughout my experience in the smartphone industry, especially with vivo, I have found it to be an empowering environment for women. I strongly believe that self-confidence is the catalyst for unlocking opportunities and enabling women to make impactful contributions to this or any industry.

P. Jayavadivukkarasi
vivo Store Owner, Tamil Nadu

These stories are a few of the many that vivo has helped shape. Women today are at the forefront of change, and acceptance and as a brand, vivo celebrates that spirit.