vivo recently launched its largest flagship store in India, located in the vibrant city of Ahmedabad. This all-in-one three-story store, spanning over 7000 square feet is more than just a retail space. It showcases technology, innovation, engagement and customer-centricity, all under one roof.

From the moment you step through its doors, you experience a world where technology meets artistry. Each corner is designed to develop a connection between the consumer and the brand, with a promise to redefine how smartphones are not just bought but experienced. The store has specially designed dedicated zones, each catering to the diverse needs and preferences of its customers. From exploring the latest offerings to immersing oneself in the thrill of gaming, each zone offers a unique encounter that transcends beyond shopping.

Let’s step into the world of vivo and discover the highlights of the store.

Gujarat fusion hub:
In a city steeped in rich history and culture, vivo’s flagship store pays tribute to the dynamic spirit of Gujarat. It’s a fusion of tech and tradition, where every corner reflects the harmony between the two. Beyond its stunning exterior, the captivating interior awaits. With over 2000 square feet, this store isn’t just limited to a smartphone emporium – it’s a hub for interactive experiences, workshops, and more.

One-stop solution:
Experience smartphone shopping like never before at vivo’s flagship store. Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple outlets – here, you can effortlessly explore, shop, and access after-sale services all in one place. From troubleshooting to repairs, everything you need is here. With a vision to meet consumer needs effortlessly beyond the purchase, vivo elevates your shopping journey and provides top-tier services.

Gaming Zone:
As you step into the gaming zone, you experience synergy between technology and fun. It’s not just gaming – it’s a lifestyle that mixes technology with excitement. Whether you’re a gamer or an adventurer, our gaming zone offers an unforgettable experience that merges technology and entertainment seamlessly. Here the consumers can play multiplayer games online as well as he /she can stream the game live to his followers online.

Photography zone:
The photography zone invites you to explore photography from a new perspective. With each click, you capture not just an image, but an emotion that resonates with the brand’s overarching message – “Live the Joy.” With a 360-degree camera for video shoots and selfie-friendly backdrops, the photography zone has everything you need to express yourself.

Special Offers*:
vivo’s commitment to enhancing your experience resonates throughout the week. Weekends turn into celebrations with the amazing offer – 10% discount on accessories every Friday to Sunday, a gesture that reflects vivo’s dedication to making every purchase memorable. Join our exclusive Loyalty Program to earn up to 3% points on every purchase, and enjoy discount with these points on your next purchase because your loyalty deserves exceptional perks.

vivo flagship store is a testament to the experiential retail that the brand aims to strengthen throughout the country. This store is just the beginning. Come, be a part of the vivo world where the future awaits to unfold endless possibilities.

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